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Podcast – Jasmine’s Secrets

What’s an alter-ego? Who has the time to look these things up? I certainly don’t. But if you’re curious to know all of Jasmine’s deepest, darkest secrets, or at least her views on sex, money, yoga and gay men, here’s a podcast to enlighten you. There’s very little profanity here, so apologies in advance.

Listen to the podcast.

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Why Yiddish Is Awesome

Ale tseyn zoln dir aroysfaln, nor eyner zol dir blaybn af tsonveytik – May all your teeth fall out, except one to give you an ache.
One of the best curses ever

Oysgevapt – A bubbly drink that’s lost its fizz
The Eskimos have many words for snow, but only in Yiddish does seltzer have categories

Se zol dir grihmen in boych – You should get a stomach cramp
Other People might wish a headache on each other, but for Us, it’s always about the stomach.

Trepsverter – The perfect comeback that comes too late
Wasn’t there a Seinfeld about that?

Chaloshes – Disgusting
Practically an Onamonapia

Mit eyn tuches ken men nit tantsn af tsvei chasenes – You can’t dance at two weddings with one behind

Ver derharget – Drop dead!
A classic. Did anyone have grandparents who didn’t say this?

Did I miss any?

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