Jasmine Schwartz is the pen name of writer Devorah Blachor. You can hear about the creation of this personae in this podcast, or download it courtesy of The Man of Twists and Turns.

But enough about Devorah.

Jasmine Schwartz decided to change her life when her uncle Myron Xavier Schwartz was tragically and accidentally killed while skiing in Verbier. It doesn’t matter that the police have reopened the investigation. It was an accident.

Realizing that she was becoming too old to get by on her looks, Jasmine decided to start writing novels. She and her future ex-husband live fabulously in Manhattan where they plan to remain firmly rooted in the 1%.

A few key differences between Jasmine and her detective, Melissa Morris:

Whereas her detective Melissa Morris is aimless, insecure and neurotic, Jasmine is directed, always in control and has only doubted herself twice since being born to wealthy parents on northern Long Island. Whereas Melissa’s search for herself keeps getting interrupted by the discovery of dead bodies, Jasmine’s eyelash extension treatments keep getting interrupted by calls from her divorced mother in Palm Beach.

Nevertheless, the two woman do have certain similarities – Melissa Morris is constantly worried about money, and Jasmine is constantly renovating her penthouse. Melissa once had a career in fashion before it ended in a spectacular failure, and Jasmine’s future ex-husband recently bought shares in both Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors. In fact, Melissa Morris is based on a friend of Jasmine’s – you can read about it in her blog.

Jasmine has been 35 years old.